A unusual submission trifecta

As many of you know, the Sigmetrics submission deadline is quickly approaching (Mon Dec 2nd).  The conference uses a double-blind submission policy and so I can’t post about what we are submitting yet, but we are certainly working hard on a few papers. We’ll see what happens, but it’s clear we’ll get at least one submitted.

Of course, next Monday is an awkwardly timed deadline, being the Monday after Thanksgiving, but it’s actually working out surprisingly well.  As a result of the holiday this week is a really quiet week on campus (no seminars, few meetings, few classes, etc.).  So, I have a lot more time than normal to focus on research, and have gotten a lot done.  The papers are in remarkably good shape given how far away the deadline is.  And, for the international students thanksgiving isn’t such a big deal, so they get a deadline week without much distraction.

But, what prompted this post wasn’t the deadline timing, it was the fact that I realized that these submissions will end an unusual trifecta for me.  This fall I’ll have submitted at least one paper to each of NSDI, STOC, and Sigmetrics; so a pure-systems conference, a pure-theory conference, and something in between.  (Maybe in a later post I’ll talk about the difference in writing papers for these communities — the presentation of results differs considerably.)

I’ve certainly submitted to each type of conference before, but never top-tier venues across the communities within such a small window of time.  (Of course who knows which, if any, will get accepted…)  It made me start to wonder: has anyone had papers in top-tier conferences of all three types of venues in the same year?  So, e.g., a paper in NSDI/Sigcomm, STOC/FOCS, and Sigmetrics/Performance.

I looked briefly and couldn’t find any in the last few years, but I could’ve easily missed someone.  I’ll be really interested to know if anyone is aware of this being accomplished…


5 thoughts on “A unusual submission trifecta

  1. Hi Adam,

    The posts on this blog show up in my RSS Reader (newsblur.com) truncated, so I have to click through to read the entire article. Any chance you could tweak the feed’s settings to include the entire article?


  2. I don’t think he’s done it in the same calendar year, but I’m pretty sure that Brighten Godfrey has had NSDI, SODA, and SIGMETRICS papers within 12 months of each other. SODA isn’t quite STOC/FOCS, but it’s not too far off.

    • Good catch Mike — Brighten was pretty darn close… if SODA had been a few days earlier then they’d have all been in the same calendar year for him. And, one doesn’t have to stretch too far to add SODA to the STOC/FOCS category. I guess we can call that the “Brighten Slam”, like the “Tiger Slam” for golf…

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