Sigmetrics is growing!

As many of you probably already know, Sigmetrics decisions came out last week…hopefully, the wounds from the reviews have healed by now!

As I already mentioned in an earlier post, we were lucky enough to get two papers accepted this year, so of course I was happy with the results.  But, I am actually happy for another reason too:  I’m on the Sigmetrics Board of Directors, and we made a concentrated effort this year to grow the community by attempting to attract a broader community, more submissions, and also to accept more papers.

Of course, growing a conference can be a delicate task, especially in the case of old well-respected conferences that traditionally have low acceptance rates, like Sigmetrics.  It is often tough to grow without, in the short term, accepting higher acceptance rates.  But, there is little incentive to take such a risk if the community is healthy.

Sigmetrics fell into exactly this scenario, but thanks to the work of the PC chairs Bianca Schoeder and Marc Lelarge, as well as the work of the publicity chairs Sara Alouf and Minghua Chen, the conference was able to grow considerably this year!

In particular, Sigmetrics accepted 40 papers out of 238 submissions, which means it kept a <17% acceptance rate, while still accepting 9-12 more papers than during the last few years!  I wasn’t on the PC this year, but from everything I’ve heard, this came without any drop in the quality of the accepted papers, and instead came from a broadening interest in the conference — which is great to hear!  Now of course, Bianca and Marc have to decide how to fit that many more talks into the conference, but that’s a great situation to be in!

To put this in context, here’re the numbers from recent years:

2014: 40 accepted out of 238 submissions
2013: 27 accepted out of 196 submissions
2012: 31 accepted out of 203 submissions
2011: 29 accepted out of 177 submissions
2010: 29 accepted out of 184 submissions

Now, this isn’t the largest number of submissions Sigmetrics has ever had, but it’s close.  There is only year that topped it: 2004, which had 265 submissions.  But, it is the largest number of papers accepted, which is great news in my mind!  If you want to see more stats about Sigmetrics and other networking conferences, check out this page, maintained by Kevin Almeroth.

I was hoping to include the list of accepted papers here too, but it’s not yet up on the webpage. So, I’ll have to defer a discussion of the “hot” topics in the area until a later post.  Hopefully, the list of accepted papers will show up on the website soon.  Until then, I’ll be curious to see if the growth in number of submissions translates into a broadening of the areas in which papers were accepted.  I hope so!


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