Spring conference deadline season

We’ve had a busy period of conference deadlines in RSRG over the last few months…between ACM EC (Algorithmic Game Theory),  IEEE CDC (Control), and IFIP Performance (Sigmetrics’ European sister conference), it’s been a challenging period to try to get everything ready for submission.  But, the students have been working really hard, and we’re almost through it!

We have another week before the Performance deadline, so we’re still cramming to get the last few things written up.  But, as I’m working on those papers, it got me thinking about the fact that Performance really flies under the radar in the US.  For some reason, people don’t know it the way they know Sigmetrics, even though the two are closely tied.  So, I figured I’d give it a little advertisement here, since it’s a really nice venue for people that do work on the boundary of systems/networks and theory.  It’s also the place where I gave my first conference talk… in a beautiful marble-floored conference hall overlooking vineyards outside of Rome!

Should you be submitting to IFIP Performance?

As I’ve said already, the Performance conference is the sister conference to Sigmetrics.  The Sigmetrics deadline is in the Fall, and the Performance deadline is in the Spring.  Many of the same people attend both, and serve on the PCs of both. The acceptance rate is just as competitive at both, but Performance is a bit different in that, traditionally, theory work is more prominent at Performance than at Sigmetrics.  There’s a really tight relationship between the two conferences, though, and every third year, they are actually held jointly.

One thing that’s unique about Performance is that it was, in a sense, the original jourference/cournal.  Every paper that’s accepted to Performance is also accepted to the Performance Evaluation journal, which is one of the top journals for the area.  And, this has been going on for well over a decade.  This is great (and something that I often take advantage of), since it eliminates that awkward need to create a “journal version” of the conference paper…which is a particular pain for Sigmetrics papers, given that the conference versions are often longer than the page limits of the journals!

However, Performance also highlights one of the drawbacks of the jourference model.  As I said, it’s less well-known than Sigmetrics, and I think that’s in large part because of the jourference mode of operation that it has followed.  Basically, every citation that goes to a paper at Performance happens via the journal publication in Performance Evaluation.  Thus, people often don’t associate the papers they cite with the conference; they associate them with the journal instead, which means that the conference flies under the radar…

Many of the jourferences that are emerging today are avoiding that issue by having the journal and the conference maintain the same name, but in the case of Performance, the two are close, but not exactly the same, which has served to hide the impact of the conference.

In any case, if you have something close to ready, I encourage you to take a shot at Performance.  The paper submission deadline is coming up on April 7.  And, to try to accommodate publishing modes in different disciplines, they allow both full papers and short papers to appear in the main program.



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