Graduation time

In between trips, I had the pleasure of being back at Caltech for Commencement to congratulate the three RSRGers whom we’re sending off into the world this year. So, congratulations again, Subhonmesh Bose, Matthew Faulkner, and Zhenhua Liu! As is typical in our group, all three of them have at least 2 co-advisers, with Bose clocking-in a record four!

It’s always sad to say goodbye to students, but in these cases, it’s a little easier because we know we’ll be seeing them frequently.

Bose and Zhenhua will be staying in academia, doing postdocs before starting their faculty jobs. Zhenhua will be doing a postdoc at Berkeley before joining the faculty of Stony Brook, which has become a powerhouse in performance modeling & energy now with the recent additions of Xue Liu, Ansul Ghandi, and Zhenhua. Bose will be doing a postdoc at Cornell before starting his faculty position, but he has not yet decided where that will be. Matt is taking a different route, but we’ll be seeing him frequently too, I’m sure, since he is doing a startup making use of ideas from his thesis.


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