Caltech CMS is hiring

I’m happy to announce that Caltech will be continuing its growth in Computing & Mathematical Sciences (CMS) this year.   The ad is now officially up. Please spread the word!

The search will be considering strong applications from anywhere within Applied Math and Computer Science, since Caltech likes to hire based on impressive and high-impact work, rather than a preconceived notion of what area is interesting at the moment. Quoting from the ad: “Research areas of particular interest include applied mathematics, computational science, as well as computing.”  You can’t get much broader than that!  (I personally really hope to see some strong candidates in statistics, networked/distributed systems, and security/privacy, so if you’re from any of those areas and are on the fence about applying — please do!)

Also, for those EE folks out there, don’t let the fact that your degree isn’t in CS or Applied Math deter you from applying.  Caltech has a very fuzzy interpretation of the boundaries between disciplines — many folks have joint appointments between CMS and EE, and many CMS faculty advise EE students (and vice versa).


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