A call for postdoc applications

It’s that time again — our Center for the Mathematics of Informaion (CMI) call for postdoc applications is now up.

As I wrote last year at this same time, one of the things I really enjoy about Caltech is the fact that we always have lots of amazing postdocs floating around…  This year, that is especially true. Siddharth Barman and Enrique Mallada are around RSRG for one more year, and we have a whole cast of new postdocs just getting settled in: Quentin Berthet, Dvijotham Krishnamurthy, Georgios Piliouras, and Piyush Srivastava.

This year, we’re looking pretty broadly for postdocs again.  The CMI program considers postdocs in all areas of applied math, CS, and EE — basically, it just looks for strong people doing interesting, theoretically-oriented work. And, it’s important to say that it’s not just Katrina, Mani, Steven, and myself who will be looking at applicants to these programs.  Faculty all across CS, EE, Economics, CDS, and Applied Math will be looking for strong applications.  That said, we (Katrina, Mani, Steven, and I) do have a few specific areas in which we’re looking for folks.  We are hoping to find strong candidates in CS/Econ, Energy, Privacy, and Data Markets.  We’d love to find 2-3 people just across these areas…

A great thing about the CMI program is that the postdocs that are selected are not tied to any one faculty member or project.  They can come in and define their own agendas, and work with whomever they’d like.  This flexibility has led to really exciting results, and a high rate of placing postdocs in top faculty positions.   Especially in the CS/Econ area, this flexibility is really unique.  There are lots of Economists here at Caltech that work very closely with postdocs in the CS/Econ area, including Federico Echenique, Matt Elliott, John Ledyard, and Leeat Yariv (among others).  It’s really rare to have a group of such strong economists that put up with us CS folk on a daily basis…


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