EC & Sigmetrics accepted papers are out

I’m a little late in posting about this, but at this point the schedule for Sigmetrics is up, as is the list of accepted papers at EC.  So, it’s a good point to take a look at each to compare.

First of all, congrats to all the folks in RSRG with paper(s)…we managed to get one in at both conferences again this year, to extend our streak to 5 years in that regard!  (Though my personal streak got broken this year with a gap on the EC side…)  Here’re the two papers:

  • Online Convex Optimization Using Predictions. Niangjun Chen, Anish Agarwal, Adam Wierman, Siddharth Barman, and Lachlan Andrew (Sigmetrics)
  • Finding Any Nontrivial Coarse Correlated Equilibrium Is Hard. Siddharth Barman and Katrina Ligett (EC)

Second, it’s always interesting to look at the trends in the accepted papers at the two conferences.  On the Sigmetrics side, there is a marked drop in papers related to data centers / cloud applications and also in papers related to energy.  In both cases, this seems to be (at least partially) a consequence of the emergence of new top-tier conferences focusing on those areas with similar deadlines.   I know this happened in my case… These papers have been replaced by the emergence of a class of papers at the intersection of control and learning (our paper is one such example) and the continued expansion of papers on markets & social networks.  There are two sessions this year full of papers that could easily have been submitted to EC instead.

In contrast, topics in the EC submissions seem pretty stable.  There is again a large focus on mechanism design and computational advertising models.  One area that seems to have grown considerably though is papers related to online/sharing economies and networked marketplaces, with a number of papers focusing on uber/airbnb-type applications.

Happily, there is (for the first time I believe) one paper with energy markets as the focus (from Kesselheim, Kleinberg, Tardos)!  I’ll be excited to take a look at that… So far, I haven’t taken the plunge and sent our work on that topic to EC (which is why I didn’t submit this year), but maybe it’s time to give it a shot.