Farewells and other goings on

It’s been a while since I last wrote a post here… The spring was full of duties pulling me in lots of different directions, but now (finally) the summer has given me a chance to dig myself out and now I’m finally back.

Of course, lots has been going on at Caltech and in RSRG in the meantime…

For Caltech as a whole, the big recent news is of Gordon & Betty Moore’s $100 million dollar gift, which is particularly special because it’s a pure endowment gift with the goal of helping to provide graduate fellowships.  This takes us a long way toward our ultimate goal of providing fellowships for every grad student on campus.

For the CMS department, the exciting news is that we’ll be welcoming two new interdisciplinary faculty into our mix:

  • Omer Tamuz, who falls squarely in the middle of Economics, Mathematics, and Computer Science
  • Fernando Brandao, who works on quantum information/complexity/algorithms

Welcome, guys!

And finally, in RSRG, lots has been going on.  This year we sent a number of students and postdocs off into the world…

  • Lingwen Gan is now happily settled in at Facebook
  • Subhonmesh Bose will be starting as an Assistant Professor at UIUC this coming year after finishing his postdoc at Cornell
  • Enrique Mallada will be starting as an Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins
  • Siddharth Barman will be starting as an Assistant Professor at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc)

So, we’ve said a lot of goodbyes, but we also have new faces joining our ranks:  Madeleine Udell & Hu Fu have joined as postdocs, and lots of new grad students will make their way onto campus in the coming month.


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