A report from CDS 20 & CMS 0

All of the slides (and some videos) are now up from the Control and Dynamical Systems (CDS) 20th anniversary workshop that we held here at Caltech earlier this month.

The workshop was a huge success, and it was thrilling to see so many alums from the PhD program coming back.  It’s really amazing to see how successful the program has been, and how varied the research is that they are doing now.  CDS alums have become professors at all of the top 15 universities in the world (according to the London Times ranking), and they hold positions in a huge variety of departments: CS, EE, Control, Mech E, Math, and Bio.  So, as a result, the applications covered during the CDS20 workshop were extremely broad: from bio and physiology, to communication networks and the smart grid, to machine learning and privacy.

And, not only was the worshop the 20th anniversary of CDS, it marked the kickoff our our new Computing and Mathematical Sciences (CMS) PhD program.  We used the last session to highlight the evolution of CDS, which has resulted in the emergence of CMS.   This new program is really modeled after the tenets of CDS that have proven so successful: seek rigor and relevance, and ensure that research is student-centric. I’ve written about this new program in a previous post, but I put together a slide deck for CDS20 that I think does a pretty good job of introducing the program.  We can only hope that in 20 years we’ll have had as much impact as CDS…