Data Markets in the Cloud

Over the last year, while I haven’t been blogging, one of the new directions that we’ve started to look at in RSRG is “data markets”.

“Data Markets” is one of those phrases that means lots of different things to lots of different people.  At its simplest, the idea is that data is a commodity these days — data is bought and sold constantly. The challenge is that we don’t actually understand too much about data as an economic good.  In fact, it’s a very strange economic good and traditional economic theory doesn’t apply…

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A report from the IPAM summer school

This is an amazing few months for programs at the intersection of computer science and economics.  IPAM just finished up a summer school and the Simon’s institute is just about to start a long program.

Lucky for us in LA, both are very near by, so many of our students spent the last few weeks over at IPAM for the program, which included a parade of great talks, and are now getting ready to head up to Berkeley for the Simons program.

Now that the IPAM summer school is over, the videos have all been posted at this point, so go take a look!  There are lots of really interesting talks there, including a great sequence of talks on matchings from Rakesh Vohra & Itai Ashlagi…

I was given the dubious honor of starting off the summer school, so you can check out my sequence of talks on Networked Markets as well.  It was the first time I’ve gotten a chance to talk about our work on networked Cournot competition and networked Stackelberg competition, so it was a lot of fun (and a lot of work to put together the slides).  It was nice to do it in the context of the summer school since it gave me a chance to start from the beginning and build all the way up from standard Cournot competition models, through some of the interesting recent work on networked Cournot in a generic setting (e.g. these two papers), all the way to our work on the role of market makers in networked Cournot competition (which is motivated by electricity markets).

Now that the summer school is done, I’m looking forward to heading up to Berkeley for the Simons program this fall…